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Key Partners

- Co Developers

- Engineers

- Investors


- EPCs

- Offtaker

Key Activities

- Marketing

- Customer acquisition

- Permitting

- PPA negotiation

- Project Development & Management

- Procurement

- Construction

Key Resources

- GIS mapping

- Energy Toolbase (energy analysis)

- Helioscope (solar design rendering)

- US Energy Mapping System

Value Proposition


- Clean, alternative energy source

- Energy Independence

- Cheaper energy 

- Investment




- Share project load

- Manage land origination

- Executed site control agreements

Customer Relationship



- Company website

- Facebook

- Twitter

- LinkedIn

- Instagram

- Blog


- Social media

- Customer support

- Referral system

Customer Segments


- US geographical regions with increasingly high electricity bills

- State mandated solar RPS

- RFP projects


- Relatively flat land

- Near transmission lines

- Minimum 20 useable acres

Cost Structure


- Land acquisition

- Application fees

- Interconnection fees

- Solar system construction expenditure

- Solar system management expenditure

- Operations & Maintenance

Revenue Streams

- Finders fee in accordance with land origination

- Channel Partner

- Affiliate Agreement

- Developer fee timeline based on NTP (notice to proceed) or COD (commercial operation date)

Business Philosophy

We know the value of development.  This is a very capital intensive industry.  The more value we can bring to the project, the more investors it attracts in later stages of development.  A million dollar project gains more value as you advance from milestone to milestone, and that holds value,  We have been able to exploit that value and earn a steady stream of income while striving to reach our capital goal of Series A funding.

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