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US Energy Storage broke records in 2018, but the best is yet to come.


Deployed Technologies

  • Pumped Hydroelectric Storage

  • Compressed Air Energy Storage

  • Advanced Battery Energy Storage

  • Flywheel Energy Storage

  • Thermal Energy Storage


Electric Energy Storage (EES) has many applications for use. 

  • Electric Supply 

    • Electric Energy time-shift​

    • Electric Supply Capacity

  • Ancillary Services

    • Load following​

    • Area regulation

    • Electric supply reserve capacity

    • Voltage support

  • Grid System

    • Transmission support​

    • ​Transmission congestion relief​

    • Transmission & Distribution upgrade deferral

    • Substation on-site power

  • End User/Utility Customer

    • Time-of-use Energy cost Management​

    • Demand charge management

    • Electric service reliability

    • Electric service power quality

  • Renewables Integration

    • Renewable Energy time-shift​

    • Renewables capacity firming

    • Wind generation Grid integration

Storage Solutions

Storage technologies are becoming more efficient and economically viable.  US Department Of Energy administered $185 million of funding to procure 16 large scale energy storage projects with a combined capacity of over 0.53 GW.

Lithium Ion batteries is one of the fastest growing energy storage markets due to their high energy densities, high power, near 100% efficient and low self-discharge.

Industry in Depth

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