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Path to PPA

There are several different ways that a project can be transacted with the offtaker. 


1. PURPA agreements allow us to sign a PPA through the government mandated program. 

2. Build-transfer involves construction and then selling the asset to another entity in a one time fee.

3. Community Solar projects are becoming increasingly popular and provide a way for homeowners to invest in "remote-solar".


4. Securing a long term PPA (power purchase agreement) is our preference due to it's healthy, calculated revenue longevity.

RECs are a trade able commodity valued for total energy production from an array.  It represents the carbon or pollution avoided from the grid.  RECs are a way to track & monetize these environmental benefits and compensate owners.

In most cases BFA Energy's goal is to secure a PPA.  It provides the best opportunity for steady long term revenue growth.

The benefits to a PPA are boundless for both investors and customers.


  • Levelized Cost of Electricity

  • Long term energy reliability - utilities are consistently looking for alternatives to coal and other energy sources that are being switched out and renewables provide longevity and energy endurance for the market.

  • Competitive PPA price - allows utilities to deliver cost effective energy to their end users

  • Sustainability


  • Long term revenue - revenue streams lasting 30 to 40 years

  • Fixed revenue yearly - PPA pricing is normally a fixed rate based off market price, and pricing can include a yearly escalator

  • Sustainable - sustainability is paramount in a volatile energy market

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