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Commercial PV

Small, mid and large scale commercial customers are hard at play.  Large corporations such as Target, Walmart, Google, WholeFoods and Universities have taken control of their energy independence by installing solar systems on nearly all of their facilities.  

It's a brilliant public relations move for business owners to go solar.  As more everyday consumers begin to realize the benefits of renewable energy, businesses must employ new ways to build brand and customer awareness.  


Corporate Procurement

Corporate procurement of utility scale solar grew by 17% from 2014-2017.  Similar growth trends are expected to continue.  

Multiple methods for solar procurement exist, but the primary forms are financial power purchase agreements (PPAs) (43%) and green tariffs and bilateral arrangements with utilities (36%).

States in traditionally regulated as well as restructured markets see high levels of solar contracts.  California, Nevada and Virginia are prime examples.

As corporate buyers become new power market electricity offtake partners, the renewable energy transaction models will likely help the buyers meet their sustainability goals while mitigating revenue and project bankability risks for developers. These new models will also help corporate buyers meet their needs for energy spend reduction and long-term energy price risk mitigation.


Solar Panels for Farmers - There's no better time than now to power a farm with solar panels.  The 30% tax credit will start dropping off soon and there is uncertainty surrounding the USDA REAP Grant.  With commodity prices falling, many farmers are turning to solar panels to harvest the energy that hits their buildings everyday.  

Many barns and buildings are already perfectly suited for solar panels because of their long sides facing south and their ends facing east-west. 


Economical Benefits

  • USDA REAP Grant

  • 30% Federal ITC

  • Accelerated Depreciation

  • Freedom from the utility company

  • Predictable energy costs for 25+ years

Our Services

  • Site survey/assessment

  • Free roof inspection

  • Solar system engineering/design

  • Financing options

  • Permitting

  • Installation

  • Operations & Maintenance

Now there's a solution for Everyone!

BFA is proud to supply a full service offering for Community Solar to US residents.  Community Solar makes it possible for virtually everyone to go solar without installation on your property.

how community solar works
community solar and vnm

How to Participate

Ownership: This model allows participants to own some of the panels or a share in the project. They get to benefit from all the power produced by their share of the solar panels on the system.

Subscription: This model allows participants to become subscribers and pay a lower price for the electricity sourced from the community solar farm. They do not own the panels—they just buy the power at a reduced rate.


  • No Rooftop Requirements

  • No Bothersome Installation

  • No Upfront Costs

  • Cheaper Utility Bills

  • Energy Independence

Industry in Depth

Pay as you Go

Roofless community solar

Highlighting Solar Alliance's community solar farm

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