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The Team

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Dedrick J. Jackson

Principal Owner

Dedrick earned both his Undergraduate degree in Marketing, 2008 and Graduate degree in Master of Arts, 2010 from East Tennessee State University.  After completing University he took a position as Ticket Sales Executive with the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer in 2011.  


After proving to himself and the company that he could be a successful salesmen, he took a position in Boston, MA in 2012 as a pharmaceutical recruiter with Pharmalogics.  He immediately caught the eye of the VP who singled out his aptitude for aggressive and progressive recruiting techniques.  Dedrick was promoted to Business Development manager after only a few months on the job.  For the next year and half, he helped lead the company in new business development endeavors that are still a functioning component of the company today.


In early 2014 Dedrick accepted a position with SolarCity as a solar sales executive in Los Angeles, CA.  Over the next 4 years, Dedrick led various solar sales teams in sales generation, sales closed, jobs installed and referral fees.  Along the way he mastered the tasks of administration, recruitment, leadership and vision.  


Dedrick’s talent and motivation led him to excel at a high level through his early years in the solar industry.  He met a fellow coworker, Jose Montemoyar, and they formed BFA Energy LLC in December 2016 with the idea of selling large scale solar systems to consumers.


The idea seemed unattainable at the time, but Dedrick and Jose’s dedication to a cleaner planet, unwavering vision, and strong chemistry has led them to overcoming the barriers to entry into the energy market.

Jose L. Montemayor

  Chief Operating Officer

Jose believes solar energy, and the deregulation of energy are not only a key element for the sustainability of life on Earth, but also have created a magnificent opportunity to stimulate the economy.

After serving 4 tours in Iraq Jose felt that there was something more for him to do in life to help the world. He studied at San Jacinto Community College in Pasadena, TX before realizing his love for educating people about solar energy. He spent 4 years in southern California from 2012 to 2016 as a direct marketing solar energy consultant. This is where he and Dedrick met working for SolarCity. That was the beginning of a friendship and partnership that became BFA Energy.

Jose’s military experience has made him an integral part of BFA Energy. He exudes leadership, loyalty to his colleagues, duty to provide the right solution, respect for others, selfless service to his fellow man, honor in serving the community, integrity to do what is always right for clients, and personal courage to seek out and provide the best solar energy solution for our clients.

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