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We maintain a strategic relationship with our landowners.   The rapid expansion of solar over the past few years has created financial opportunities for landowners, farmers and ranchers. 


There are incentives to landowners for the construction of renewable energy on site. 

  • You can maintain ownership of your land through a lease

  • Earn passive long term income

  • Worry free of development, operations and maintenance costs

  • Become a solar ambassador by delivering sustainable energy to your community

Site Evaluation

  • Land Availability - A one megawatt solar farm requires 6-8 acres of land.

  • Quality of Terrain - Sloped land, excessively rocky terrain, uneven land, etc. can all significantly effect the cost of a solar farm installation.  We also consider the cost of forest clearing or tree removal.

  • Proximity to Grid connection - One of the biggest hidden costs in solar development is the distance required to connect to the grid.  We advise to keep it within 1 km of existing distribution/transmission lines.

  • Proximity to main roads - Proximity of the solar plant to a main road is considered an economic factor as the transportation costs affect the overall cost benefits.

  • Local Regulations & OwnershipObjections from the military over  ground construction causing problems with radar installations, construction permits and agricultural land limits on depth of holes allowed on a site are examples of regulations that can affect a site.

  • Flood Risk & Wetland Assessment - Surveys must be conducted before deciding upon the land where the farm is to be developed


Land Lease option:  The lease payment is made on an monthly or annual basis to the landowner.  There will be a pre-determined due diligence period to conduct site surveys, complete electrical drawings and interconnection studies.  During this time BFA Energy may offer an earnest payment to the landowner.  Typical lease terms are 40 years.


Land Purchase option:  The purchase option (instead of an outright payment) gives us due diligence to perform site surveys and complete electrical drawings while making earnest payments on the land until final payment is made.  Final payment comes once the project is constructed. 

*Lease/Purchase option payment rates are negotiable*

Become a Solar Ambassador

Referrals are a corner stone of the BFA Energy pipeline.  We value every customer that we work with. We know it will lead to an ongoing relationship and more business down the road.  Our core values center around customer service and integrity and we aim to achieve that with everyone.


We like to reward people for pointing us to new business by offering a Referral Fee.  The referral fee is pre-determined based off the value of the project.


Have a Referral?  Let us Know!

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